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Do you know this man or when and where this photograph was taken?

Do you recognise this person? We have received a request to see if we can help establish the origin of the person in this photograph. 
Is he Australian, American, or maybe even from somewhere in the United Kingdom? Also the era the photo was taken and even when. Some factors that could help would be the gentleman's clothing, (especially the hat), the gun, the fact the negative was taken on sheet film, and the type of camera that would have taken this photo. 
The enquirer goes on "these, plus other factors that experts might use, could help me in my research. Maybe, someone might recognise him. All I have to go on, is that I picked up the negative at a jumble sale in Kiama, and that the negative is approx 6 x 9cm in size. I also know that the picture might not be local, as the negative was originally purchased at an auction and then on sold at the jumble sale". 
 If you have any ideas about this photograph please contact our secretary Terry