Current projects

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World War One

One of our members is currently researching World War One enlistments from the Illawarra area. The research covers any person with a provable link to the area before their enlistment.

If the person was born here or worked here before or up to the time of their enlistment, then they qualify for inclusion. Currently the list holds at least 4000 names and includes an index of all associated names and details taken from the Illawarra Mercury for the time period August 1914 to end December 1919. The list also includes aid workers, munitions workers and nurses as well as all of the letters published in the paper, there are hundreds.

There is no cost involved and the access is based on an exchange of information and currently he has diaries, letters and memorabilia and has identified many people who enlisted under false names and details.

An index for the South Coast Times, had also been underway, but has been overtaken by the newspaper digitisation project by the Trove team of the National Library of Australia.

Illawarra Pioneers - pre 1860

This work is progressing slowly. We are still entering the data from contributors into RootsMagic. From here it will be exported via GEDCOM to a text file and modified before importing into Relatively Yours 3.

From here a Biographical Index will be printed listing everyone in the database in alphabetical order, with all cross references to spouses, children and parents..

By entering into "RootsMagic" and "Relatively Yours 3" we will have 2 fully searchable and printable databases that are Lineage linked, - not just a book.
This database will be continually updated as more information becomes available or corrections are required. The Final output can be in a book format or on CD as a searchable and printable PDF file.

Download the Illawarra Pioneers pre 1860 Data Entry (415 kb), complete and print the form as many times as required and post to IFHG. Click here for address details.

Bulli General Cemetery

Transcription of all the grave sites and markers has begun. This was last carried out in 1988 and is now well past time to be revisited. Many more graves have been added in the last 20 years. The existing data has been printed into 8 binders, each with a map of the site and several blank data entry sheets. Where possible new notes are added in the space provided in the data printout but if space is required then use the data sheets.

Northern Suburbs Land Transactions

Some work has been done.

Illawarra Women, From Settlement to Suffrage.

A new project: If you have a female ancestor that was in the Illawarra up to 1902 then please let us know.

Contact the co-ordinator Gillian Baker.

History of Wollongong Primary School

One of our members is researching the history of Wollongong Primary School and would just love to have contact with anyone who may have information and especially class photographs of anything to do with Wollongong Primary School.

Sherbrooke on Bulli Mountain

Two of our members are researching Sherbrooke and the Families of Bulli Mountain as a One  Place Study project, with the Sherbrooke Sisters, in association with the Black Diamond Heritage Centre in Bulli.   -   “One-place studies are a branch of family history with a focus on the entire population of a single village or community, not just a single, geographically dispersed family line.”  Wikipedia 

Click here for more information.

Contact can be made with the Sherbrooke Sisters via email.