Albert Memorial Hospital

We have been allowed access, by New South Wales State Records, to the books related to the Albert Memorial Hospital.

Originally this hospital was in Flinders Street, Wollongong, on the site now occupied by the Collegians Club.

We have been allowed to take the groups contactless scanner to the archives and scan these books. So far we have done over 430 pages.

The information coming from them is amazing; names, dates, places, who was in hospital and for how long and in some cases how long it took them to pay off their bill.

We are finding the names of the staff, including, laundry staff, nurses, bakers, maintenance staff, clerks and solicitors, even temporary staff.

If you have anything related to this hospital, in your family history, please contact our Secretary.

This is a time consuming project so it will be a little while till a result is there for all to see.